involving structural design or field construction, mostly applied work


Designing, Constructing, and Developing Sustainable Financing for Single-Family Homes in Choluteca, Honduras

I led the structural design of a year-long project in Honduras that focused on improving the design and construction of homes built by a nongovernmental organization outside of Choluteca, Honduras. With a team of civil engineering, construction management, architecture, and business students, we accomplished the following:

  1. Designed a single family home that combines local construction materials with innovative methods
  2. Constructed a home for a family in 10 days
  3. Created a financing structure that was part donation part loan-based

Most importantly, we learned from our local foremen and spent a lovely 2 weeks with a motivated and deserving family.


Construction of Columbus Metropolitan Main Library 

The Carnegie building, or the main library in Columbus, OH was originally built in 1907 and received a major addition in 1991. Working with Turner Construction Company, I assisted the superintendents and project engineers in managing the construction of this historic building. This involved supervising onsite safety and coordinating with sub-contractors. 


Earthquake Resistant Masonry Construction - Tijuana, MX

Worked alongside the volunteer organization, Esperanza International, our team helped construct a single-family home outside of Tijuana, MX. This house was modular in design, using interlocking masonry blocks, so that families could expand their homes in stages. Our main role was to dig the foundation, place the rebar, and lay the concrete foundation (bucket-by-bucket) for two residences.